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We all have a different mindset and expectation when we set fitness goals. Whether the goal was a fitness competition, a weight loss goal, or a marathon, it is such a great feeling to know you have accomplished it!

There are however, some post goal obstacles that creep up now and again, but it’s part of what makes goal setting that much more interesting and challenging every time.

It is very common to feel a little anxious, or even slightly depressed after achieving a goal. Some people have gotten so caught up in the goal journey and the destination, they forget about the phase that is just as important (if not more), the post goal phase.

As a trainer and coach, I help safe guard my clients against the post fitness goal “blues” by picking up on some symptoms that can lead to more problems if left unspoken about.

Make a Plan

A rebound can be hard if you don’t have a post goal plan. Like your original goal plan, you must map out a post-goal plan. Because you may have restricted yourself on certain things during the process, you need to be careful introducing these things back into your regular regime. Find an experienced coach or trainer who can help you in planning your post goal activities. Enjoy in moderation, and focus on things that may have gone neglected during your journey.

Keep Busy

Keep your mind busy by focusing on some things that you may have missed out on during your journey. Plan a vacation, outings with friends, practice a new sport, visit loved ones you haven’t seen in a while, take up a new hobby. The post goal struggle can be harder than the original goal itself because it is a battle of our mental ability to stay busy and in check afterwards.

Get Back to the Grind

Take a couple of days (or even up to a week) to recharge, refocus, and refocus. Then get right back to the grind. What better time to improve on any weaknesses, or imbalances. The great thing is, you will have a lot of extra energy from the rest, so you will be able to train heavier and longer.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself with something for all your hard work. New gym clothes, gym bag, new playlist, are all great examples.

The most important thing to remember after reaching a fitness goal is to take at least one positive thing from the experience, as we tend to lose our sense of why we started as we get closer to the end.

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