Remote Learning: 6 Key Tips For Moms Helping At Home


As we listen to the murmurs of rising numbers and the whispers of a “second wave” here in Toronto, I cannot help to think about what this school year is going to turn out to be. Will our kids be going to school, or will remote learning be the new norm?

When a 1 week March break turned into a “6 month break” one of the hardest things for me (other than my business OTC Toronto being closed down) was teaching my kids from home. I struggled trying to come up with the right solution to have all my 4 boys learn from home, after all, I am a transformation specialist, not a teacher!

Would it be enough? How am I going to teach them? How am I going to find the time?

I really hope this doesn’t happen again, but if it does, here are 6 tips that I used and that will hopefully help you if you are struggling with being a parent and a teacher:

1) Set a schedule.

We all thrive on routine. It is easier on everyone if you come up with a schedule and stick to it. Break tasks up and set a time to get each done.

2) Set up in a proper learning environment.

I set my boys up at the table and got them earbuds so they did not disrupt one another. This way they are able to associate a certain room with learning and the expectations that come with that.

3) Help them understand.

I was having a hard time teaching them their work because I am not a teacher by profession. I took a backseat approach instead of trying to tell them what to do, and we learned together! You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to do what’s best for your kids.

4) Make them check their work and complete their tasks.

This is really important so the kids feel a sense of accomplishment and builds their self-confidence.

5) Identify barriers and help fix them.

If they are struggling, find out why. Is it lack of focus? No motivation? Lack of interest? Finding out what the source is will help you in finding a way to correct it.

6) Help them find their own motivation.

The dynamics at home are so different than they are at school which is why motivation is so important when it comes to remote learning. The more they learn on their own, the more motivated and confident they will become.
Fingers crossed that we won’t need these tips, but if you do have to refer to them, they may help save your sanity and help your kids have some success at remote learning.

If you’re a mom struggling to find time to invest in yourself in this crazy new world, don’t worry.

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