Post-Baby Transformation check-in #1



As promised, this is my first check-in since being back at the gym 3 weeks ago after having baby #4. I decided to take you along with me on my post-baby transformation to show you if I can do it, so can other busy Moms too!! 

I gained almost 50 pounds in my last pregnancy. Baby Jaxson is now 5 weeks old, and I have about 25 pounds to lose still. I am determined, focused, and ready to work more than ever. I am hoping you will follow along with me so I can motivate you to get your body back as well!

Although I continued to work out during my pregnancy, it was not focused on strength. So for the past 3 weeks since being back at the gym, I have been focusing on basic weight training routines to build up my strength and stamina again.

The first week I focused on full body cicuit training mixed in with some light cardio work. ALthough I enjoy full body circuit training, I prefer split routines, and HIIT workouts. I didn’t want to go too strong too fast and risk injury though, so I started back slow and listened to my body.

The second week, I was feeling much stronger and focused on 1-2 body parts a workout, and incorporated some light plyo exercises such as jump squats and lunges. I also worked on some core exercises, and an ab routine 4 days that week.  My cardio got stronger and I was incorporating sprints and incline work to my workouts.

This week I am feeling great! I am continuing to focus my workouts on 1-2 body parts a workout, and adding some variety into the workouts by incorporating supersets and dropsets to some of the exercises. Today, I introduced my favorite workout back, KICKBOXING. Those who know me, know I cannot live without punching and kicking the bag. It felt so good to be back doing what my passion is!

My eating has been very clean as well. I am eating 5-6 meals a day consisting of lean protein, leafy greens, veggies, good carbs, and healthy fats. I am very thankful that MAGNUM Nutraceuticals will be helping me with my transfomation. I am fueling up with their multi-vitamin LOADED, their 4-stage release protein powder QUATTRO, their delicous GREENS, and their pre-workout SERUM.

Slowly but surely, the weight will come off. I am not worried about that because I know I am foused, strong willed, and determined when I need to be. My kids are my number one to me and I think it’s so important to set a good example to them by leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. Of course, everything in moderation and balance is key to any success.

Like I said, anything can be done with the want and determination. The only one stopping you is YOU.

If you would like to get in the best shape of your life, or are considering a fitness competition, please contact me via my website for more information. I would love to have you join my team of enthusiastic and hard working girls.

Until next time, Train hard, Fighter harder xo



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