My Top 5 Supplement Choices


You asked, I answered! A little while back on my Facebook athlete page, I posted a list of my top 5 favourite supplement choices as I frequently get asked what I take on a regular basis. I put them all together for you to see.

Again I will mention (as I did on my page) that these supplements are answers to questions I was receiving about what “I” take and like. I encourage you to do your own research and make choices based on your own needs.

Supplement Choice #1 – PROTEIN

There is SO much info available on the benefits of protein so I won’t go into detail but in a nutshell, PROTEIN promotes muscle growth, helps in workout recovery, and fat loss. There are actually several different types of protein, but I prefer a “whey isolate” which is fast absorbing and great for post-workout. I also take a “micellar casein” protein which is slow digesting and great before bed.

Supplement Choice #2 – WATER

(I know, you have heard this so many times before). Water helps in clearing out toxins, protein synthesis (process by which proteins are made in the body), and fat metabolism. It also reduces fluid retention, keeps you regular, and regulates salt imbalances. The more water that is moved inside a muscle, the better it will function thus improving in strength and size. All that and it’s FREE so drink up!!!!

Supplement Choice #3 – BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

An absolute staple supplement! Without getting too technical, BCAA’s are the building blocks of protein. They play an important role in producing protein which in turn aids in building muscle (Protein Synthesis) and helps in faster muscle repair. Available in pill, liquid, or powder format.

Supplement Choice #4 – Omega-3s & Essential Fatty Acids

GOOD FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT! Help in overall health of our body such as regulating heart rate, blood vessel constriction, blood pressure and clotting, and nervous system activities. They also help with our satiety and energy levels, so say YES to fats! Available capsules or liquid.

Supplement Choice #5 – Multivitamin

Taking a multivitamin everyday has several health benefits such as recuperation, ensure proper nutrition, improved energy and cognitive functioning (way in which someone comprehends/perceives ideas). Available in capsule, tablet, or pill form.

Please feel free to comment and share, I am always available to answer any questions you have!

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