My Halloween Scare


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So while most people were sorting through Halloween candy or at a party last night, I was at the ER. What a night!

First, let me take you back to give you a better understanding on my usual crazy life-in-the-day-of-the-Laus’!

I woke before the rest of the household and headed out for my fasted cardio (grabbing my morning java in the drive-thru along the way), forgetting to grab my water (I’m going somewhere with this, wait).

I got home just in time for the morning family hustle and bustle to start, but of course we were rushing to get out the door (as usual with 4 kids) so they wouldn’t miss their Halloween costume party at their karate school. We made it Fainting pics (1)just in time to grab treats for the instructors, and coffee for Dave and I (yes that’s 2 for me now). Again, I forgot my water at home and didn’t even think of getting some while we were out.

The kids costume party ended just in time for us to rush out the door with bags, treats, coats, and random costume parts that came off during the fun in tow. We got home to find our babysitter waiting at our doorstep. We told her 11:00 am, we showed up at 11:01 am. We ran inside, literally changed from my regular clothes (for anyone that knows me, yes sadly that’s workout pants and a sweatshirt) into something a little more presentable (jeans and a nice shirt).

Dave and I were asked to be judges for a costume masquerade party that started at noon, and the GPS was telling us it would take 53 minutes to get there. It was 11:07 am. We kissed all the kids and flew out the door, gobbled my cold meal in a Tupperware at some point during the drive, and arrived just in time to be seated. Again, without my water.

Fainting pics (5)The event was great! Congrats to the winner Natalie Bramwell, who won a photoshoot with Dave!

We chatted with some friends after the show (I had a few sips of water from a small bottle of water that was at the judges table) before realizing we would run late for the rest of our day if we didn’t leave. We scooted out, grabbed a coffee just before the highway (that’s 3 for me) for the ride home. Still, no water.

We got home, I cleaned up, got the goodies ready that were to be given out to the neighbourhood kids, and started to prepare supper for the boys (I managed again to scoff my meal in there somewhere). I fed the kids,  cleaned up, and my sister in law came over for the Halloween fun, and to help give out candy while we take the boys out. We made a tea (that’s 4 caffeinated drinks), but again I forgot to drink water.

Fainting pics (2)The chaos continued as we started to carve 4 big pumpkins at 5:30 pm. We worked like an assembly line and got it done within 45 minutes.

We dressed up all the boys in a fury cause it was getting dark, and scurried out of the house just in time to catch the Halloween action. It was a perfect night for trick or treating. The weather was cooperating, and although there weren’t many into the Halloween spirit as usual (that’s another story!), we still had a great time. Still no water because I forgot it again in all the craziness.

As were we turning on our street to head home, the weirdest thing happened. I was holding onto my 2 year old’s hand. He was talking to me and my head started to spin. I looked around to try to focus, and it got worse. I reach out to try to tell Dave that I wasn’t feeling well, and I fell face first onto the grass (thankfully!). DFainting pics resize (3)ave did manage to cushion my fall as he caught me midway during my face plant. My lovely Halloween wig flew off, and I laid there absolutely stunned.  Dave was asking me what day it was, and although I knew what day it was, I couldn’t speak. I tried to get up, and I face planted again. By this time, my kids were scared and crying, Dave was worried, I was clueless, and no one knew what was going on. I managed to get up and slowly get back to the house with Dave’s assistance. I finally got my FIRST glass of water in all day,  and although Dave wanted to call an ambulance, I refused. After much resistance and hesitation, he took me to Emergency. They took me in right away due to the circumstances – healthy, fit female, no allergies/complications to medications/food etc.

After a few hour of tests, urine samples, sticky pads all over my body, needle pokes, and friendly staff checking on me, it turns out I was dehydrated!! Dehydrated?! Me?! How can that be?! I normally drink 4-5 litres of water a day, never skipping a chance to drink it! Then it hit me. Fainting pics resized (4)The only water I had all day (other than the few sips from the water bottle at the show and brushing my teeth)  was the glass Dave got me after we returned home from the fall.

The doctor said because I am normally used to drinking that amount of water, a complete drop in the intake amount combined with the 4 cups of caffeine I had (which acts as a diuretic) caused my body fluids and blood pressure to drop (I normally have a lower blood pressure anyways) low enough that my nervous system was unable to stabilize it, which in turn resulted in less blood/oxygen reaching my brain. That’s why I fainted.

I immediately felt better after drinking the doctor’s recommended electrolytes into my system, and of course, he told me to rest.

I learned a lot from yesterday. Thankfully Dave was there with me, but I was mad at myself and feeling guilty because I kept thinking what would have happened if I was alone with the kids? There were so scared when they saw me fall. Their strong mommy lying flat on her face unable to talk for a few seconds.

I do know that yesterday was such an exception. Anyone who knows me,  knows that I ALWAYS have water at my side, or in my bags.

May this Blog be a reminder to everyone, DRINK UP, your health and body NEEDS it!!

20140311-235832.jpgOn that note, here are some other important benefits of drinking water taken from a Blog post I did a while back:

1) Promotes Weight Loss – water helps flush down by-products of fat, acts as a natural appetite suppressant, and raises your metabolism.

2) Toxin Releaser – water gets rid of waste through sweat and urine

3) Immune System Booster – water helps fight against ailments such as kidney stones, UTIs, intestinal problems, and more

4) Improves Exercise – water regulates your body and fuels your muscles, which in turn increases your energy and overall fitness performance.

5) Helps Regularity – water aids in digestion thus preventing constipation.

6) Healthier Skin – your skin will look younger when it is properly hydrated. It helps moisturize your skin, and aids in the reduction of wrinkles!

7) Relieves Fatigue – because our brains are made up of mostly water, drinking water helps with focus, concentration, and alertness.

8) Good Mood – why wouldn’t you be? With water, your body is functioning at its’ best!

Now that we know a little about water’s benefits, just how much should you drink? Some recommend the 8×8 (8 8-ounce glasses) rule, others use body weight as a baseline then multiply it by 2/3 and adjust that number by your activity level. There are even hydration calculators you can use to help you determine how much water you should be drinking.

Don’t over complicate things or get too hung up on all the “shoulds”. I always recommend to my clients to drink more than the average “8 glasses a day”. I personally drink 4-5 litres a day.

Keep it simple and follow these guidelines:

– Drink at least 1 cup half an hour every meal. – Drink when you are craving something, or when you are feeling hungry. Chances are you are thirsty not hungry. – Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink. – During exercise, drink enough to account for lost fluids.

So, today we are back to the grind, and of course my water at my side!!! Please share for those who may need the “drink up” reminder!

Happy Halloween weekend!


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