My favorite Ab exercises


windshieldwiperoptTraining your abs will not make you “see” them.  What, when, and portion sizes of what you EAT will determine this.

Abs look good but do you have any idea what they are actually used for? They help us breathe, contribute to core movement and support to our torsos, and they protect our inner organs.

Training of our abs usually fall into 2 categories, upper and lower. In order to hit the upper, perform the ab exercises where your legs are stationary. To hit the lower abs, keep the upper body stationary and move your legs towards your sternum.

A big misconception in training abs is the number of sets, reps, and times a week people tend to train them. Seeing as my goal is to tone and strengthen the muscles, personally I only train my abs 3 times a week. I usually pick about 3-4 exercises about 25 reps each.

There are so many ab exercises to choose from but here are a couple of my favorites:
– regular crunches
– reverse crunches
– oblique twists with a medicine ball
– leg raises
– hanging leg raises
– ab roller with a wheel or a barbell
– Roman chair raises
– Rope crunches
– Windshield wiper as pictured above (picture by Arsenik Photgraphy) :on ground for starters, and hanging when more advanced

Like I mentioned, the key to “seeing” them is a low body fat percentage which is obtained by a clean diet combined with cardio, hence the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”.

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