Getting Festive! (Fitmas workouts)



Everyday in the month of December, I am challenging you (yes, you) to complete one random exercise and after every 6 days of Fitmas, you have one complete circuit.

1. Come up with as many exercises you can think of

They don’t need to be difficult, or use equipment. Just write down as many exercises you can think of (I wrote down 25 – one for each day leading up to Christmas)

2. Write down a variety of repetitions

Personally, I didn’t want 25 rep variations so I used 9 slips with 10 reps, 3 slips with 12 reps, 6 slips with 15, and 3 slips with 50 (!!).

3. Put each pile of slips into separate containers

They don’t need to be anything special, but tis the season, so I had to use stockings.

4. Every day pull one slip

Every morning, pull one exercise and one rep card: that is your exercise for the day. After 6 days, put all your exercises together to create a circuit workout.

It’s just that easy!

But if you don’t have time to create your own workouts, I’ve got your back. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with my daily exercises, and check out my circuits below.

Merry Fitmas!

Stay fabu-LAUS,



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