Creating Better Habits and Finding Time for Fitness as a Busy Mom


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We all have busy lives and hectic schedules. There are constant project deadlines, family and friend commitments, personal growth goals, work, school, and other activities. Being a full-time business owner, a Mom to 4 young boys, and a transformation and contest preparation coach, I

Being a full-time business owner, a Mom to 4 young boys, and a transformation and contest preparation coach, I get asked this question a lot: “How do you find the time to fit your workouts in?”

Without sounding arrogant, my answer is simple:

“It’s all in how you prioritize and manage your time”.

Thankfully, I have always had a knack for organization, and multi-tasking. I am also fortunate to have the support of my husband. We work as a team to make each of our personal fitness goals fit into our schedule. Of the same token, I also know some busy moms who rely on family or other like-minded moms in their support network. To give you an idea of how I manage a day, I have outlined a sample day in my life.

I usually wake up at 5:00 am to get my workout in.

That hour and a half is my first dose of daily sanity and selfish indulgence that I don’t allow anyone to take away from me.

Five o’clock in the morning seemed early many years ago when I started this routine, but within a few weeks, I adjusted. In turn, I also tend to sleep better at night and have less trouble falling asleep.

When I get home from my workout, I start the morning routine: lunches, snacks, and getting the kids off to school.

Here a little video of my typical morning routine.

My day is spent focusing on the goals for that day: running the gym, training clients, errands, returning phone calls, booking appointments, food prep, picking kids up from school, after-school activities, cleaning, cooking, or laundry.

My evening routine then usually involves prepping dinner, kids’ activities, homework, and preparing for the next day. Once the kids are sleeping, I get to finally enjoy my second dose of me time which generally doesn’t last too long because I am so tired!

The unwinding involves catching up on emails, some networking, and just relaxing with my husband, as we plan the next day. I typically train five days a week.

My day off during the week is likely on Wednesday. But in order to fit in weekend activities with my family, I sometimes train on a Wednesday and take two days off on the weekend. This allows me a mental break from the gym and allows me to maintain the family life that I consider a priority.

When you have many responsibilities to juggle, being able to manage them all at once can be challenging. Yes, I am definitely exhausted by the end of the day, but I just push through knowing it has to be done, NO EXCUSES.

What motivates me to keep going on days when I am tired really has to do with the satisfaction I get from feeling and looking great. Exercise is not only beneficial to my body but is the mood booster and stress reliever I need to stay committed and maintain self-inspiration.

Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you accomplish it all without feeling too overwhelmed.

Prioritize – Find Time

Write down what you need to accomplish and number each by importance. Figuring out what task is most important will leave you less stressed, less overwhelmed, and happier. Family and fitness should be at the top of that list! You will be more productive if you are healthy and your family is happy.


Find what motivates you, pushes you, and keeps you accountable. Sign up for a fitness competition or class, a race, book a vacation, use a reward system, and keep a training log.

Decide What to Take Out of Your Life

In order to make room for a new habit, it is a good practice to decide what you will need to remove from your life in order to stick with the new habit. You can view this as a form of uncluttering. It might mean giving up an unhealthy habit such as smoking or spending less time with people who don’t share your current vision.

Time Management

Using simple time management skills will help your day flow smoother. Returning a phone call, or booking an appointment while in the car on the way to somewhere can help with the time crunch. Work out on your lunch break to help get the most out of your time. If possible, try to find a gym close to home or work to minimize any time lost on the commute to and from the gym.

Use a Planner

Mark in your events, deadlines, and special dates and work around these dates when planning your other tasks. Treat your workouts as if they are a non-negotiable part of your daily scheduling. Never let other tasks slide into your time slot for training

Stick to a Schedule to Create Habits

Set a routine and try to stick to it. Focus on the main goals that need to get done for that particular day, and fit the smaller obligations and tasks in if there is time. Sooner than later, anything other than your new routine will be unacceptable! Create this habit by repetition.

Use a Reward System

In order to follow through once the initial charge or motivation starts to wear off, make sure you have a prize to keep your eye on. It might be something as simple as a massage at the end of the week or perhaps it is a new wardrobe once you reach your goals.

This process may take some time to master. Be sure to give yourself credit for the successes and don’t get discouraged if it takes some time to perfect the new routine. Sticking to your daily plan without distractions will help you get it all done and feeling a sense of accomplishment. If I can certainly do it, you can too.

Good luck, I would love to hear how you are making out!

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6 thoughts on “Creating Better Habits and Finding Time for Fitness as a Busy Mom”

    1. My pleasure, thanks for letting me know! If there is anything you would like me to write, or if you have any questions on anything, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

    1. Nichelle Laus

      Hi Lauren, If I am doing weights, I’ll have a scoop of protein mixed with water before I go. Then I’ll sip on BCAAs during my workout. Once I get home, I’ll have my first meal. But if I’m doing just cardio, I’ll only sip on BCAAs (so no protein shake pre-workout), and have my first meal when I’m finished and get home.

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