Cell phone etiquette at the gym


Our cell phones have definitely become a tool of convenience, yet they have also been one of the many factors in the increase of anti social behavior in our society.

Cell phones can also definitely be a distraction, and an annoyance when used at certain times, and in certain locations… Iike the gym.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m guilty of having my phone on me at ALL times. Mom of 4, wife, coach, trainer, friend, you name it, I’m available. When someone needs to get a hold me of me, chances are they will if they call or text me on my cell phone.

For convenience, my phone has my workout stored in it, as well as my workout music on it. And of course, I cannot forget the camera to take my #picoftheday gym selfie right?! What’s a workout without taking a selfie, telling the world, AND including an #annoying #list #of #hashtags. Yes I know #imguilty #sorrynotsorry ☺️

My point is, yes I have my phone with me at the gym. But I also walk through the gym doors every single time with a purpose: to get the best possible workout in, in the least amount of time.

In order to do that, there has to be the least amount of distraction, and the most amount of focus possible.

Nothing is worse than a Chatty Cathy or Talkative Tony sitting on a workout bench, or taking up a piece of equipment talking annoyingly loud on their cell phone.

Have I answered my phone at the gym? Yes, absolutely. But rest assured I screen my calls and ONLY answer to my kids, my husband, or an important appt or call from a doctor or a teacher. I do not plan social events, catch up on gossip, or talk about the weather.

Cell phones at the gym are also dangerous. Anyone that lifts, knows it requires a full mind and body connection. When you have one and not the other, you risk injury. A slight distraction can cause you to drop, slip, or forget sets or reps, causing you injury, or at the very least, some anxiety.

Bottom line is, be smart, and considerate about your cell phones while at the gym. Save the social networking for the locker room, and keep your mind focused on what you are at the gym for to begin with, a good pump.

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