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As I grabbed my night time snack, I thought about how many people have difficulty keeping their night time cravings under. People are always telling me that they are really good during the day and for some reason seem to cave in at night. This indulgence may blow your daily calorie limit you have set up for yourself leaving you feel guilty, and shameful.

Eating at night is not a bad thing if you are eating the proper foods. You want to make sure you make room for the calories by not eating too much during the day, and choose foods that fuel your muscles.

Choose foods that contain casein PROTEIN because it is slow absorbing. This will make sure your muscles get properly repaired at night. 

Pair that up with some GOOD FATS which will help increase digestion time which will help control hunger.

My favorite night time snack as pictured here is cottage cheese and a teaspoon of natural peanut butter.

Some other bedtime snack options can be:

          Greek Yogurt sprinkled with flaxseed

          Casein Protein shake with 7 almonds or teaspoon natural peanut butter

          A hard boiled egg

Avoid simple carbs at night. Your body doesn’t need the energy while you are sleeping and will get stored as fat when taken at night.

Hope this helps you beat the night time cravings! 

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