Battle Rope Training


Battle Rope Training is a great way to add some intensity into your workout. They are versatile, convenient, and safe to use. They are also extremely demanding, and require a lot of energy, but the satisfaction of a great battle rope training session is so rewarding!

A battle rope training session burns a lot of calories (approx. 110 calories per 10 minutes), helps build endurance, and improves functional strength and overall athletic performance. Battle ropes come in all shapes and sizes, and range from 8-15 metres in length, and are anywhere between 2.5 to 5 cm in diameter. Their weight ranges anywhere from 16 pounds to 45 pounds.

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  Check out the Xtreme Monkey commercial rope (as seen here) or the premium gym rope available at The Treadmill Factory.


I will post some Battle Rope sample workouts at a later date, but for now, try practicing some of my favorite exercises that I have listed below. You can incorporate these exercises into your current interval training workout, or you can create your own circuit using these and some other functional exercises. Experiment with the interval time depending on your fitness level, but a good starting point would be to work 30 secs, rest 15 seconds, and go from there. Use a training journal to track your time, and progression.

Wrap the rope around an anchor point, hold the ends of the rope in both hands, and use a whip like motion with your arms to create and maintain a constant wave in the rope.

Battle Rope Exercises

  1. Single Alternating Waves (Alternate between both arms up and down)
  2. Double Waves (Move both arms up and down together)
  3. Double Slams (lift both arms up as high as you can then slam them down to the ground as hard as you can)
  4. Snakes (Swing your arms side to side making your rope slither like a snake)
  5. Claps (Move your arms in and out like you are clapping your hands)
  6. Circles (Make big circles with your arms, going from the outside)
  7. Jumping Jacks (Hold the ends of rope in each hand while doing jumping jacks)
  8. Moguls (jump side to side as you perform single waves)
  9. Jump Slams (same as double slams but jump up as you lift up your arms)
  10. Crossovers (horizontal waves by crossing your arms over left and right)
  11. Wide Squat with Double Waves

Please share, and let me know how you do!

Happy Battling,


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